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Directors' Profile

Gary Munroe (Royal Air Force Retired) – CEO

Gary began his military career in May 1991 with the British Royal Air Force. His talent and drive saw him rapidly rise the ranks until he left military service in 2007, a proud holder of the Holder of the Queens Commission and Awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for Service in the Royal Air Force. Since 2007 Gary has continued to utilise his skills and experience to drive innovative projects forward as CEO of Active Intelligence, a company he founded in November 2005 and the parent company of Active Solutions Integrated Synergy.

Ahmadu Shehu Easterbrook (Air Commodore Retired) – Director

Shehu joined the Nigerian Air Force in 1974 and was commissioned a Pilot Officer in 1976. During the ensuing thirty-year military career, Easterbrook was integral to the smooth running of operations for the Nigerian Air Force, including performing the duties of Director Technical Services at the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), eventually retiring from military service as an Air Commodore in 2009. Since his retirement from the military Shehu has taken up the Presidency of the Easterbrook Foundation and is a Director of Therapy Today, West Africa.

Ibrahim Al Hassan Musa – Director

Ibrahim is a career engineer, having entered military service and graduated in the subject in 1982. A trusted and dynamic individual, Ibrahim has lead on many multibillion naira projects to deliver change and business process improvement for vital national industries and core infrastructure, including water supply and the printing and minting of currency. In 2005 Ibrahim left his final employed role to become a Consultant, sharing his years of experience and expertise with a broader client base across Africa, Europe and Asia. In addition to his consulting activities Ibrahim is the Waziri of Daura.

David Woods (Former VP British Telecom Revenue & Fraud) - Director

David is an award-winning businessman holding 2 Queen’s awards for innovation and export and two worldwide patents in risk scoring and analytics. As a former Vice President in British Telecom (BT) Revenue, Fraud and Security, David is highly skilled and experienced in the development and implementation of intelligence and analytics programmes, working with global companies such as IBM. David is currently CEO of Calton Hill, investing in and improving the products and export capability of companies working in the security sector.