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Traditionally, security has focused on putting up a perimeter fence to keep others out. The evolution of the tactics employed by criminals necessitates the monitoring of activities and identifying of patterns unseen to the naked eye. Information security professionals at every level face the challenge of detecting malicious activity in a constant stream of discrete events that are usually associated with an authorized user and are generated from multiple network, system and application sources. The threat environment is mutating as it evolves. Isolated, specific technologies cannot protect Government and businesses from threats posed by real-world connectivity with countless users, accessing critical web applications from a variety of remote and mobile devices. There is the need from larger companies and governments to minimize risk, achieve full insight & transparency, comply with legislation and conduct investigations concerning business processes, resources, assets, legal entities and people. Organizations are required to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions whilst monitoring mission critical operations & services by advanced information analysis, real time monitoring via profiling from both internal and external information sources. What is certain is that the threat matrix of today is exponentially complex. However, any threat of any significance anywhere in the world has a digital footprint. We must therefore as a principle look to discover the digital footprint to defeat the threat. It is not certain when and where the threat will emanate, but what is certain is that the threat is real and the threat will come and we must therefore be prepared for any event.

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