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About Us

Active Intelligence, Active Protection, Active Capability, Active Support....

Active Intelligence (AI) is a solutions provider with significant experience in the development of Information technology (IT) systems, intelligence gathering, revenue assurance and Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) strategies to deliver and support a variety of complex products and services.

With a team hailing from a predominantly military background and with a Consortium member approach, AI focuses primarily on providing innovative solutions to the threats now being faced in an uncertain world. The irregularities of today's world and warfare mean that strategies must be sufficiently robust to contain those whose mission is to disrupt societies or inhibit the commercial activity of any nation.

How We Work

Our approach is simple; tell us the problem and allow us to develop the solution. Once we understand the issues you seek to address then our teams can commence work.

Vision Statement

To be your 1st Choice provider of security solutions

Mission Statement

To deliver world class technological solutions 1st time every time